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FCI, Inc. has been serving agribusiness clients for 55 years. Combining the latest developments and technology in our field with our steadfast commitment to personalized service, we've continued to grow by helping our clients grow. By providing the optimal products and services for your precise needs, we can help you boost crop yields and increase your profits.

FCI products include fertilizers and seeds, as well as products for crop protection and soil management. In our state-of-the-art plant facilities, we produce dry and fluid fertilizers, customized for our clients' specific requirements. Our precision fertilizer blending system gives us the unparalleled capacity to produce complex, specialty blended fertilizers. Vital services available through FCI range from precision soil and plant tissue sampling, to custom fertilizer application and more.


NEW! - Liquid Micronutrient Coated Fertilizers to Maximize Your Crops' Potential

Imagine fertilizer with a liquid coating that contains the ideal selection and amount of micronutrients! Imagine the highly efficient, dust-free, bag-free handling and application that ensures more uniform coating and even distribution! If you want to achieve the very best possible quality and yield from your current crops, check out these revolutionary new products from FCI.


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New Precision Fertilizer Blending System


Learn how FCI combines the best science with decades of hands-on experience to help you 'Harvest More' – through this extremely valuable, in-depth analysis and sampling program that leads to your ideal mix of seed, nutrient and crop protection products.